College tennis

Tennis is a tremendously popular college sport in the USA. There are more than 900 women’s teams and over 700 men’s teams in the NCAA . The college tennis structure, is vastly different between the various sporting associations. For example; NCAA Division 1 (D1) teams are required to select 6 players to compete in weekly fixtures from a squad of 11. These 6 students play in 9 different matches, per fixture. There are 3 doubles matches played per dual (one college VS another) , followed by 6 singles matches, with each player taking part in at least one doubles, and one singles match.
Doubles tennis matches in college are only 1 set long, and there are no advantage points. This means that the first team to “4” points wins the game, as there are no advantage points played after deuce. (15, 30, 40, game). Mississippi State University Men’s Tennis Singles matches in college tennis are played to the best of 3 sets. Like doubles, singles matches are not played to “advantage”, following deuce. Meaning the first player to reach 4 points wins each game, and the first player to win at least 2 sets, wins the match.

Tennis Scholarships

There are vast options available to students looking to play college tennis in the USA. Their options span over 3 major athletic associations and 1500 universities. The amount of scholarships distributed by each university, varies depending on the association and division they compete in. College tennis teams who compete at the NCAA Division1 (D1) level are allowed to offer their women’s teams 8 full scholarships while the men’s programme are only allowed to provide 4.5. NCAA Division 2 (D2) teams, on the other hand, are entitled to offer their women’s teams 6 full scholarships while the men’s programmes are only allowed to offer 4.5. NAIA college tennis programmes match the NCAA D1 scholarship distribution rules, while the NJCAA are the most generous and are able to distribute 9 full scholarships to both their men and women teams.

Scholarship Requirements

NCAA Division 1

UTR  13 9
Country Position 10 50
Province Position 50 10
High School Position No 1 Player No 1 Player


NCAA Division 2

UTR 12 8
Country Position Top 100 Top 100
Province Position Top 20 Top 20
High School Position No 1-2 Player
No.1-2 Player


Think you’ve got what it takes?

video requirements

In order to obtain a tennis scholarship, video footage is crucial. Coaches will review and analyse your footage in order to make a scholarship and recruitment decision. Without any video, you will not receive any offers.

How to film for a Tennis Scholarship

  • Film from an elevated position
  • Film from behind & corner
  • Make sure there are no obstructions
  • Do not zoom in & out
  • Focus on the player only
  • Make sure the video shows the whole game, not just the player

Video Requirements

  • 10 Forehands
  • 10 Backhands
  • 10 Forehand Volleys
  • 10 Backhand Volleys
  • 5 Overheads
  • 20 Serves (10 from Each Side)
  • 10 Returns (5 from Each Side)

Which universities have tennis scholarships?

There are many universities and colleges that offer tennis scholarships, from top Division 1 schools to NJCAA colleges. There are more tennis scholarships for female players compared to men, but that is because there are more tennis programs for women. Both female and male players are able to obtain full scholarships, but you must have good academics to back up your game. The top tennis programs in the USA currently include the University of North Carolina and Ohio State University. A few fantastic division 2 teams include Barry University, Columbus State University, and Saint Leo University. Getting scholarships from any of these tennis programs will be a massive achievement.


Men's USA College Tennis Player Backhand shot

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