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USA ​College Sports

College sport in the USA is the second highest level of competition one can play; the next step is professional. American universities act as the farming ground for professional sports teams, as they invest on an unprecedented scale, often outranking the professional setup in developing nations. Student-Athletes live a life very similar to that of a professional. They train and compete six times a week, play in 100,000 seater stadiums and have their games broadcast live across the world. The major difference between pro and college sports is that students cannot be paid; however, they do receive compensation in the form of scholarships.
If a student has the desire to turn professional, USA college sport is a fantastic platform to launch your career while getting a world-class education. Most games are broadcast live on ESPN-U and streamed on university websites. With media coverage as comprehensive as this, college sports has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.

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